Current schemes and policies

The consolidated CairnsPlan for the City of Cairns commenced in March 2009. Council is now developing a new draft Cairns Region Planning Scheme to manage the region's land use and development over the next 20 years. The State Interest Review and formal consultation for the draft scheme is expected to occur in mid-2014.

CairnsPlan - Consolidated Planning Scheme

The consolidated CairnsPlan was adopted by Cairns Regional Council in Feburary 2009, and commenced March 2009. The Planning Scheme includes all amendments gazetted to February 2009.

CairnsPlan Policies

Planning scheme policies support the CairnsPlan Planning Scheme. Developer (Trunk Infrastructure) contributions provides a mechanism for the funding of development infrastructure.

CairnsPlan user guides

These guides were developed to assist with the interpretation of Council's new planning scheme.