Sporting club development & resources

In an effort to support local organisations to grow and prosper, Council, in collaboration with other partners has developed a 'toolkit' of club development resources.

Sporting club development

Club Health Check (110.7 KB)

A comprehensive 'audit' of your club in line with best practice criteria to properly identify Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats - What you're good at and what needs attention. 

Funding Sponsorship & Grants Guide (197.3 KB)

Information about funding available to community groups through various agencies as well as practical information regarding fundraising activities, guidance on how to effectively plan fundraising tasks and the legal and administrative implications to be considered when undertaking these types of ventures. 

Model Development Plan Template (179.8 KB)

A means of setting the short term foundations for the long term future of your club. This plan is one of the most important documents for any organisation as it maps out how to accomplish its goals and ambitions as well as addressing any of the weaknesses, opportunities and threats identified in the 'Club Health Check'.