Water billing

Concealed water leak - application for financial assistance (36.4 KB)

Use this form to apply for financial assistance if you have had larger than normal water accounts due to the existence of a concealed water leak. 

Metered Standpipe (Long Term) (89.3 KB)

This form is to be used if you have previously hired a long term metered standpipe or if Council has approved your Metered Standpipe Credit Application. Please read the hire & use conditions and provide the completed application to our Customer Service Centre along with the security deposit and photographic ID. 

Metered Standpipe (Short Term) (74.4 KB)

To hire a metered standpipe on a short term basis, read the conditions of hire & use, fill out this form and present to our Customer Service Centre along with payment of the security deposit. Photographic ID required. 

Metered Standpipe Credit (58.9 KB)

If you intend to hire a metered standpipe on a long term basis for the first time, you are required to complete this Credit Application prior to lodging your hire application. Please foward completed credit applications to: Cairns Regional Council, PO Box 359, CAIRNS QLD 4870, email to council@cairns.qld.gov.au or fax to (07) 4044 8228 

Metered Standpipe Hire & Usage (36.3 KB)

Please read the Metered Standpipes Conditions of Hire & Use prior to completing any of the Hire Applications. 

Rates and Water Usage Overpayment Refund/Transfer Request (212.3 KB)

This form is used to request a refund or transfer if there has been an overpayment on rates or water usage. 

Standpipe Monthly Reading (42.3 KB)

Metered standpipe water consumption charges are based on a monthly reading, taken and the completed form returned by the hirer of the standpipe. The current monthly reading, less last months reading, equals the consumption to be charged for the month. Failure to supply a reading by the due date may result in a late fee also being applied to the monthly invoice. 

Testing of a Water Meter (85.1 KB)

If you feel your meter reading is incorrect, you can have the meter checked for accuracy. To obtain the current test fee please refer to Fees and Charges. To apply for a meter test please complete and return this application with the fee enclosed by mail or in person. 

Water and Wastewater fees and charges 2014-2015 (75.9 KB)

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